Customs Law

What are the Services of Our Law Firm in the Field of Customs Law and Foreign Trade Law?

Unfortunately, in recent years, Customs Law disputes have been tried to be resolved by customs consultants, and lawyers have been excluded from the field of activity. However, foreign trade law and customs law disputes are legal problems and need to be resolved by lawyers. Our law firm provides professional support in Customs Law and Foreign Trade.

Our Working Zone in Foreign Trade and Customs Law

  1. International purchase-sale contracts
  2. International delivery and payment methods
  3. International transportation, exchange difference, export registered purchases and sales
  4. National processing and investment incentive regime
  5. Prevention of incorrect declaration of the Customs Tariff and Statistics Position Number, quantity, value and country of origin of the goods entering and leaving the country, thus preventing heavy customs duties and penalties.
  6. Resolution of disputes about customs duties
  7. Representation before customs administrations with all kinds of consultancy services within the scope of the Customs Law
  8. Exemptions

Apart from the above items, we also provide support in other matters related to customs law.

What Does a Customs Lawyer Do

Some of the duties of a customs lawyer are as follows:

  1. The customs lawyer cancels the fines imposed by the customs law by filing a lawsuit.
  2. Customs lawyer provides support for the resolution of a dispute at customs.
  3. Customs lawyer carries out reconciliation work with the administration.
  4. The customs lawyer makes the necessary defense in smuggling crime and follows the case
  5. Custom Lawyer prepares a complaint petition regarding crimes committed at customs.

How to Find the Best Customs Lawyer in Mersin

The best customs lawyers in Mersin are experienced lawyers in customs law cases. Customs law is unique, and issues are heard in administrative courts. The structure of administrative courts and the law they are subject to differ from special courts. The Customs Law procedures and rules are different from other subjects. For this reason, it is essential to find a lawyer specialized in this field when looking for the best customs lawyer. Our law office provides the best service in the field of customs law with its experience gained over the years.

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