How to Become a Turkish Citizen

How to Become a Turkish Citizen

The question of how to get Turkish citizenship is a question that is frequently asked of us. In this regard, we provide consultancy and legal support to many of our foreign consulter during their citizenship application in Mersin. The most popular ways of obtaining Turkish citizenship are;

  1. Marrying a citizen of the Republic of Turkey
  2. Buying real estate for at least 400 thousand dollars
  3. Citizenship by investment

Such methods are the easiest way to become a Turkish Citizen, but there are some basic conditions.

Turkish Citizenship Application Conditions

Terms of application and required documents vary according to the type of Turkish citizenship application. The most common application type is citizenship through marriage and investment. Whatever the reason, you should contact a lawyer to get Turkey citizenship quickly.

How to Get Turkish Citizenship Through Marriage

According to the law, it is possible to become Turkish citizen through marriage. Those who have been married to a Turkish citizen for three years can apply for citizenship. The application is evaluated by the relevant authority and accepted if deemed appropriate.

How to Get Turkish Citizenship by Investment

The new regulation makes it much easier for foreign investors to get Turkish citizenship. Here are the ways to acquire Turkish citizenship by investment:

  1. To create employment for at least 50 people.
  2. Purchasing real estate of at least 400,000 USD.
  3. To make a fixed capital investment of at least 500,000 USD.
  4. Purchasing government debt instruments with a minimum of 500,000 USD for three years.

How Long Does the Turkish Citizenship Application Take

The Turkish citizenship application in Mersin may vary depending on the density, the type of application and whether the documents need to be included. But generally, the application is concluded in 12-24 months. Making the application through a lawyer prevents the prolongation of time by ensuring that the documents are prepared correctly and completely. Otherwise, we see that the applications take too long.

Importance of Lawyer in Turkish Citizenship Application

The Turkish citizenship lawyers check whether all the conditions in your Turkish Citizen application are fulfilled and guides you throughout the process. Getting help from lawyers about preparing the documents fully and accurately and making the application will make your job much easier. Lawyers ensure that the transaction is carried out correctly thanks to their technical knowledge.

In addition, by giving consultancy to foreigners who want to become Turkish citizen, they can determine how it would be easier to acquire citizenship. As, Tunç Sudi Tol Mersin Law Office ®, we work meticulously and quickly to ensure that the applications of our consulter are positive.

We provide services to obtain a residence permit in Turkey. Our clients consist of international citizens and industrial organizations. In addition, our law office can offer assistance in English. You can contact us for our references and free consultation.

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