How to Get a Residence Permit in Türkiye

How to Get a Residence Permit in Türkiye

Turkey is one of the countries that many foreign citizens want to visit with its geographical location, climate, historic places and natural riches. The number of foreigners who wish to settle in Turkey is quite high. Foreigners who want to live and work in Turkey have many more opportunities thanks to the highly developed laws. This article will examine how to get a residence permit in Turkey

For residence permit applications, first of all, you must enter Turkey. This entry can be with a visa or with a visa exemption. Then, you can apply for a residence permit on the website of the Turkish immigration administration. After completing the application form here, you can make an appointment with the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management. The completed application form and your residence permit type are delivered to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management. Your application will be finalized within ninety days.

As a Mersin Law office, we make residence permit applications to the General Directorate of Migration Management of Turkey on your behalf. Necessary application documents must be completed to avoid criminal sanctions and be able to reside in Turkey in a healthy and legal way. You can contact us for all our consultancy services about residence permit in Turkey.

Types of Residence Permit in Turkey

There are different types of residence permits. The most frequent applications for a residence permit in Mersin are made for the following types.

  1. Short-term residence permit
  2. Long-term residence permit
  3. Student residence permit
  4. Family residence permit

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How to Get a Short-Term Residence Permit in Turkey

Short-term residence permit applications are made for foreigners who have just arrived in Turkey and have not been legally in Turkey for 8 years. Short-term residence for foreigners is valid for persons who meet the following conditions:

  1. Foreigners who come to do scientific research
  2. Foreigners who own real estate in Turkey
  3. Foreigners who will establish a commercial connection or business
  4. Foreigners who will participate in the training program
  5. Foreigners staying for tourism purposes
  6. Foreigners who will come for treatment
  7. Foreigners who will attend Turkish learning courses
  8. Foreigners studying at the university in Turkey

How to Get a Long-Term Residence Permit in Turkey

A permanent residence permit can be issued for foreigners who have resided in Turkey for 8 consecutive years. However, refugees and foreigners under temporary protection are not granted long-term residence permits. The Conditions for Long Term Residence Permit in Turkey are as follows:

  1. Having legally lived in Turkey for 8 years without interruption.
  2. Not having received social assistance in the last three years.
  3. Valid health insurance.
  4. Not to pose a danger to public order.

Can Residence Permits Be Extended

Yes, residence permits can be extended. Extension applications can be made 60 days before the expiry of the residence permit. You can make your application to Mersin Immigration Office.

If your residence permit in Turkey has expired but has not been decided by the Immigration Administration, you can reside in Turkey until the decision is made. Extended residence permits are initiated from the expiry date of the previously obtained legal period.

We provide services to obtain a residence permit in Turkey. Our clients consist of international citizens and industrial organizations. In addition, our law firm can offer assistance in English. You can contact us for our references and free consultation.

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