IT Law

Cybercrime law, or IT law, is a branch of law that emerged with the development of the internet in the 2000s. A Cyber Crime lawyer is a lawyer who resolves disputes in the internet and information technologies. Cyber Crime lawyer Mersin, on the other hand, refers to lawyers serving in the field of IT crimes in Mersin. Internet lawyer is a sub-title of IT law.

What does IT Lawyer Do

Lawyers dealing with cybercrime are mostly faced with crimes of obscenity, blackmail crime, threat crime, fraud crime, and unauthorized access to the information system. In addition, the IT lawyer provides services such as online reputation management, removing content from the internet, and closing fake social media accounts, along with the ones listed above.

What is Cybercrime and Cybercrime Lawyer

Cyber-crimes are crimes regulated in the Turkish Penal Code. (Turkish Penal Law 243-245) These crimes are as follows:

  1. The crime of entering-infiltrating the IT system
  2. Crime of disrupting, blocking, destroying and changing the information system
  3. The crime of misuse of debit or credit cards
  4. Crime of using prohibited devices and programs

An IT lawyer or a cyber-crime lawyer is a criminal lawyer who specializes in IT law.

Our Services as an IT Law Attorney

  1. Arrangement of the Directives and Regulations of the New Applications to be Established
  2. Regulation of Guidelines and Regulations of Online Games
  3. Legal solutions specific to the fields of information technologies
  4. Consultancy and training service within the scope of personal data protection law
  5. In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law, VERBIS registration of companies and ensures internal compliance
  6. Consultancy in All Fields of IT Law
  7. Defending against cybercrime

How Can I Find the Best IT Lawyer

To find the best IT lawyer, first of all, it is necessary to find a lawyer who is an expert in IT. Since expertise in IT law is not available in law faculties, a lawyer who has dealt with IT law cases a lot before is an expert in that field. There needs to be more than just knowing IT law. At the same time, it is necessary to have complete knowledge of IT law.

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