Lawyer in Mersin

Our office serves in the province of Mersin. There are three lawyers working in our law firm in Mersin.

Who are we ?

Our law office gives service all around the Turkey. Our law office can give service thanks to large reference network and our attorneys who can provide english service to the individual and companies. Our clients are local-foreign financial and industry multinational foundations with local and foreign individuals.

In which areas we serve ?

Our law office has been providing service in many fields of law owing to our modern and innovator vision for a long time. Our works are extending day by day and we are struggling to perform service in every areas insistently.

As an example of ourservices;

  1. Turkish Customs Lawyers
  2. Real Estate Law
  3. Labour Law
  4. Criminal Law
  5. Succesion Action
  6. Immigration Law
  7. Recognition and Enforcement Action
  8. Citizenship Procedure
  9. Foreigners Law
  10. Eliminating the Case of Partnership
  11. Corporate and Commercial Law
  12. Establishing Company Operations
  13. Convention Marchandise Routier
  14. Objection to Deporte Decisions and etc
  15. It Law
  16. Divorce and Family Law
  17. Energy & Infrastructure

How can I trust you ?

Don’t worry If you are living abroad and have doubts about trust rightfully. Our law office has so many references whether abroad or domestic. If you request, reference numbers are shared by our clients. Also, in case of desire, our advocates’s registration number could be shared to you. You are able to check your license in Turkey Bar Associations’ offical site with your concerned registration number.

Is It required to come to Turkey for giving the power of attorney ?

You don’t need to come to Turkey for it. By going to the Turkish Consulate in your country, you can prepare a power of attorney and send it to us by cargo.

How can I follow the case at a distance ?

You can pursue your case very conveniently. Our law office which gets proxy by our clients can inform us about case process and the step of the work via E-mail and Whatsapp perpetually. Besides, according to case situation, intended for informing, the report is prepared by our advocates with 6 months breaks.

How can I make payment at a distance ? 

We are the first law office in Turkey which accepts Bitcoin payment system. You can render your payments with MoneyGram, WesternUnion and Bitcoin.

With which currency can I pay ? 

You can make your payments with dollar, euro and TL. In our law office broad price policy is applicable, because of this , the payments which are made by the type of foreign currency and the Turkish currency are steady.

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