Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

Mersin Real Estate Attorneyship

Since ancient times, people have invested their earnings in real estate for investment purposes in addition to their housing needs. This habit has also revealed people's desire to own property. Although its name is generally known as real estate, it is also clear that it is the ownership of an item or property.

Real estate can be bought and sold for both necessity and investment purposes. In both cases, it is subject to a legal contract. For this reason, citizens need to obtain information and take firm steps before a legal dispute or damage arises.

What Does a Real Estate Attorney Do?

A real estate attorney, or in other words, a real estate lawyer, gives you legal support for resolving disputes related to real estate. Legal processes to be followed regarding real estate for sale in Turkey are gathered under the umbrella of property law. Generally, we regulate the practices related to immovables and disputes related to them.

People generally do not work with a real estate attorney in property law and selling transactions. However, people may experience a loss of rights in the works done without a lawyer. In addition, foreign citizens can be deceived about the property for sale in Turkey. In order to avoid such problems, it is necessary to work with a real estate lawyer.

As Tunç Sudi Tol Mersin Law Office ®, we give you legal support when buying and selling real estate in Mersin. We also provide consultancy services on the following titles regarding Property Law in Mersin.

  1. Real estate sale in Mersin
  2. Management of property in Mersin
  3. Land registry processing
  4. Flat for rent in Mersin
  5. Real estate purchase and sale contracts
  6. Project evaluations

We are working to provide the best services with our expert staff in order to make the right investments for you in the Mersin Real Estate sector.

Things to Consider When Buying and Selling Real Estate in Mersin

When buying and selling real estate in Mersin, the title deed on the real estate should be checked. The first legal action to be taken in the purchase and sale of property in Mersin is to inquire about the existing mortgage or municipal debts on the real estate. For such cases, first of all, it is necessary to go to the Land Registry Office and inquire about the "deed registry record" of the immovable.

We provide services to obtain a residence permit in Turkey. Our clients consist of international citizens and industrial organizations. In addition, our law office can offer assistance in English. You can contact us for our references and free consultation.

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