Recognition and Enforcement

Recognition and Enforcement Lawyer

Our law office serves as a recognition and enforcement lawyer in Mersin. We implement the recognition of foreign court decisions in the best way. Moreover, our law firm has successfully served among Mersin recognition and enforcement lawyers for years.

Recognition and enforcement action is a civil lawsuit filed by divorced Turkish citizens who live abroad or have lived abroad before so that their divorce decisions can have consequences and judgment in Turkey. The law of MÖHÜK is applied to open the relevant case.

What is Recognition

Recognition of a foreign court decision means that the relevant decision becomes final in our country.

What is Enforcement

Enforcement is called the necessary process for the execution of a foreign court decision in our country. An example of alimony related to a divorce made abroad can be given as an example. The process for the relevant divorce decision to be valid in Turkey is called RECOGNITION, and the enforcement of alimony is called ENFORCEMENT.

Is It Necessary to Come to Turkey to File a Lawsuit

No, you do not need to come to Turkey. When you send the documents written above and a power of attorney from the Turkish Consulate in your country, your case is filed by our law office.

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