Temporary Residence Permit Extension Request

Turkey is a country that attracts attention from foreigners due to the advantages of both its strategic and geographical location. However, foreigners who want to work or reside in Turkey must obtain a residence permit in Turkey. The residence permit is a temporary document that foreign nationals must acquire if they want to stay in Turkey longer than the visa period they have been granted.

Extension of Residence Permit in Turkey

Foreigners who have previously applied for a residence permit in Turkey and have been positive must apply for an extension of their residence permit before the expiry of their residence permit. Residence permit extension requests must be made at the earliest 60 days and the latest three days before the end of the permit period. Otherwise, it may be necessary to make an application for a second time.

One of the most critical parts of the residence permit extension process is to enter the information completely and correctly. The extension request may be rejected if the given information does not match your current personal information. You can get professional support about Temporary Residence Permit in Turkey by contacting us in order not to encounter negative situations in this way.

Documents Required for Residence Permit Extension

The instruments you have to prepare to apply for a residence permit show differences depending on your application reason. However, you can find the documents that must be ready for all applications below. The documents we have submitted below are required for all Turkey residence permit extension procedures.

  1. Residence Permit Application Form
  2. Passport Copies
  3. 4 Biometric Photos
  4. Document showing that you have sufficient financial resources for the period of residence
  5. Foreign Health Insurance

The above procedure must be followed completely. As Tunç Sudi Tol Mersin Law Office ®, we can professionally manage these transactions on your behalf.

How to Apply for Extension of Residence Permit

Residence permit extension application must be made to the relevant Governorships. The application must be completed at least 60 days before the current residence permit expires. Foreigners can apply for an extension by appointment after updating their information.

Residence permit in Turkey is granted for specific periods, depending on the type of permit. When the permit period expires, foreigners must apply for a residence permit extension to continue residing in Turkey. After the necessary information is updated through the immigration authority, the extension application can be made online.

We provide services to obtain a residence permit in Turkey. Our clients consist of international citizens and industrial organizations. In addition, our law office can offer assistance in English. You can contact us for our references and free consultation

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