Traffic Accident Lawyer

Traffic accidents frequently occur in Turkey due to the administration’s negligence and the misbehavior of pedestrians and drivers. As a result of these accidents, the right to sue for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages arises before the relatives and persons of the victims. As a result of traffic accidents resulting in death, a traffic accident lawyer must collect compensation from the concerned people.

With years of experience, our law office can collect the maximum compensation that the victims can receive from both individuals and insurance companies.

How to Get Traffic Accident Compensation

Compensations resulting from traffic accidents are divided into two. These are material compensation and immaterial compensation. The material compensation is collected from the compulsory traffic insurance policy of the defective party, and the immaterial compensation is collected from the driver and vehicle owner.

What Damages Does the Insurance Payment Cover in a Fatal Traffic Accident

As a result of a fatal traffic accident, insurance companies cover treatment expenses, funeral expenses and compensation for deprivation of support.

Can I Get Compensation If I Get Injured As a Result of a Traffic Accident

Of course, you can. You can get your compensation by working with a lawyer specializing in traffic accident cases.

My Spouse Has Died as A Result of a Traffic Accident, Do My Children and I Have the Right to Compensation

Yes, there are. Compensation for this situation is called “compensation for loss of support”. This compensation can be collected from the insurance company.

How Much Compensation Will I Get If I Had a Traffic Accident

For your compensation to be calculated after a traffic accident, your doctor must first determine your rate of permanent and temporary incapacity, and this case must be recorded in a report. After this rate is determined, traffic accident compensation is calculated using your last income.

The relevant account is technical accounts, and many factors affect the amount. For example, if you get into the vehicle while drunk, it will be considered a fault, and a 10% discount will be applied to all compensation.

How to Find the Best Traffic Accident Lawyer

To find the best traffic accident lawyer, you need to find a lawyer specializing in traffic accidents and insurance cases. Traffic insurance and insurance cases are technical cases and are not in the interest of every lawyer. In addition, Traffic Accident legislation is frequently changed and updated.

Pressure from insurance companies leads to constant changes in the law. For this reason, it is essential to be constantly monitored. Our law firm is specialized in traffic accident compensation cases and provides the best service for you, our clients, to receive your compensation as soon as possible.

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