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Our law firm was established in Mersin province and serves in every province of Turkey.

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We provide the fastest and most accurate solution to your legal problems with the legal counselling service we offer to individuals and institutions specifically for their needs.

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Lawyer Tunç Sudi Tol, Mersin

Palma Law and Attorneys Office is a law firm established in 2015. Mediator Lawyer Tunç Sudi TOL is one of the three founding partners of this office and is registered with Mersin Bar Association under registration number 2742.

Palma Law and Attorneys Office, founded by mediator lawyer Tunç Sudi TOL, is located in Mersin. However, like all law offices in Turkey, it can provide services to all provinces in Turkey. As in all other law offices, our law firm provides legal services to legal entities as well as individual clients.

Mersin Law Office

Palma Law Office has been operating in Mersin since 2015 and provides services in the fields of family law and divorce law, criminal law, inheritance law, health law, IT and social media law, commercial and corporate law, administrative lawsuits, international law and labour law.

We provide legal support and advocacy services in various branches of law, such as mediation and arbitration, which are alternatives to litigation and judicial proceedings. By contacting our law firm, you can benefit from our face-to-face, online or written consultancy services.

Our office, which is registered with the Mersin Bar Association and is on the Mersin Lawyer List, was founded by Attorney Tunç Sudi Tol and his partners and aims to provide the highest quality service to our valued clients. I provide professional legal support for your lawyer needs in Mersin region.

Mersin Lawyer We are a reliable Mersin law firm established by providing a professional and experienced service for your needs. Our office offers careful examination of inheritance, real estate and financial matters to local or foreign, natural or legal persons. We also provide consultancy services in a wide range of legal fields such as commercial, insurance and contract law, trademark and patent registration procedures.

In Mersin lawyer services, our office provides legal support at every stage until the finalisation of all litigation and follow-up procedures. Depending on the counselling services provided, many lawsuits in different areas of law can be managed, applications can be made to the relevant institutions and authorities and the processes are followed by us.

Our clients are equally important to us and all information and documents are openly shared with them during litigation and proceedings. We transparently provide our clients with detailed information at every stage of the litigation or follow-up processes. We work with all our energy to be the best lawyer in Mersin.

How Do We Identify the Best Lawyer?

Info Legal problems can happen to anyone and a lawyer may be needed in these situations. These needs may relate to important issues that can affect your life, such as protecting a marriage, avoiding imprisonment, protecting financial assets or ensuring personal safety. For these reasons, people may seek to find the best lawyer, wanting to ensure that their case is managed in the best way possible and that the best defense is provided. Naturally, everyone wants the best for themselves and their loved ones, they want to eat the best food, dress in the best style and work with the best professional. This is a perfectly natural process.

However, an important distinction to be made is what makes the best lawyer in the legal profession. When a lawyer starts his or her career, he or she does not immediately start working as a criminal lawyer, divorce lawyer or lawyer of some other field. Over time, by taking on more cases and gaining more knowledge and experience in a particular area, he or she becomes more experienced than other lawyers.

Therefore, instead of searching for the best divorce lawyer, the best criminal lawyer or the best lawyer in Mersin, it would be more rational for the success of your case to try to find a more experienced lawyer in the subject you need.

Service Areas

There may be many legal situations that you or your company may face in different areas, and without proper support, these situations can cause great harm to individuals or organizations. Our law firm, which can provide all the necessary legal support for such situations, offers quality legal services with the best Mersin lawyers for you and your companies. We have the best quality lawyers serving in Mersin in areas such as criminal law, inheritance law, divorce cases, administrative law and compensation law. In every situation you need, especially in the defense of all the rights of your corporate structures, our office, which has the most experienced lawyers among Mersin lawyers, performs the most successful transactions for your companies.

Divorce Cases

The main thing in divorce cases is that the divorce is realized by reaching an agreement on favorable conditions that will serve the interests of both parties. The divorce lawyer has an important role in this regard. The lawyer has great responsibilities in the legal process from the writing of the petition to the filing and finalization of the case. The positive outcome of the case is related to the proper fulfillment of these responsibilities. Our office, which responds to your requests for a lawyer in Mersin, helps you to conclude the case in your favor by following the case with the most rational approaches in divorce cases as in other cases. Our law office has the necessary equipment to finish both uncontested divorce cases and contentious divorce cases in the shortest time and in the most accurate way. Divorce cases are in the field of private law and it is very important to get support from a lawyer specialized in divorce. Our law firm lawyers are experts in divorce cases.

Criminal Cases

Criminal cases are the most important cases among the cases seen in courts. Criminal cases are seen in criminal courts of first instance, heavy criminal courts, criminal courts of execution and criminal courts of peace. Criminal advocacy is important for both the defendant and the complainant. The criminal lawyer involved in criminal cases has to follow up the case with a professional approach. In these cases, everything from the collection of evidence to the witnesses to be presented to the court is a fine detail. Thanks to the success of a lawyer, an innocent person can be prevented from being punished. Our company, which has the most up-to-date and effective working system in all these issues, also provides you with consultancy services by answering various questions you need in the legal field. Our law firm lawyers are specialized in criminal law as Mersin criminal lawyer. They have confidentiality and confidentiality obligations. You can contact us for detailed information about criminal law.

Inheritance Cases

Today, inheritance lawsuits are also frequently filed. In these cases, both plaintiffs and defendants have legal responsibility. In the cases to be seen, it should be known what the rights offered by the law to both parties, what are the laws applied or amended on this subject should be carefully followed by the execution lawyer, and the case should be followed carefully from the stage of preparation of the petition. Our company, which offers professional attorney services to you, stands by you with its experienced lawyers to complete the necessary cases on inheritance cases with the most favorable results. Examples of inheritance lawsuits can be given as examples of annulment lawsuits, annulment of disposition lawsuits, rejection of inheritance, forfeit rejection of inheritance, muris collusion lawsuits, inheritance inheritance lawsuits. Inheritance cases are technical cases and must be followed by a specialized inheritance lawyer. The lawyers of our law firm are experts in inheritance law. You can contact our law firm to get your inheritance rights as soon as possible.

IT Litigation

IT lawsuits are an important area of private law that increases its importance day by day. With the developing technology, IT law is also developing day by day and the need for IT law is increasing. IT law is a special field and legal support should be obtained from our law office staff as an expert mersin IT lawyer. It is possible to divide IT law cases into two as criminal cases related to IT law and civil cases related to IT law. Examples of IT crimes in the IT lawsuits section; Infiltration into the information system, unlawful seizure of personal data, committing crimes through information systems can be shown. Examples of information law issues of the information law section of the information lawsuits section; legal consultancy for compliance with information technologies, preparation of in-application guidelines, legal consultancy in the field of information technologies. Our law firm is expanding its work for you every day and provides the necessary infrastructure and equipment such as artificial intelligence in IT lawsuits.

Administrative Litigation

Administrative lawsuits constitute one of the three main branches of law. Lawsuits filed against the administration fall within the field of administrative lawsuits. It differs from private law and criminal law. Administrative lawsuits are more specific. It is subject to different sanctions and periods than private law and criminal law. Therefore, it is very important to work with a lawyer specialized in administrative law as a Mersin administrative lawyer for administrative cases. Our law firm lawyers are experts in the field of administrative lawsuits. As examples of administrative lawsuits; cancellation of expropriation, cancellation of unlawful administrative action, cancellation of disciplinary penalties, full judgment lawsuits to be filed against the administration can be shown as examples. Our law office offers the best service to our esteemed clients in lawsuits against the administration.

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