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Who We Are

Mediator Lawyer Tunç Sudi TOL was born in Mersin and is one of the 3 founding partners of Palma Law and Attorney Office. Mediator Lawyer Tunç Sudi TOL has become one of the most recognized and successful lawyers in Mersin in a short time thanks to his legal work. Palma Law Office is the first law firm to bring the corporate firm concept to Mersin.

Palma Law, founded by Mediator Lawyer Tunç Sudi TOL, provides services in every province of Turkey with its Mersin office as the center. Our principle is to provide fast and complete legal assistance with a modern lawyer mentality.

Due to our extensive network of referrals, large staff and the ability of our lawyers to provide services in English, we are able to provide services to individuals and companies living in Turkey and abroad. Our clients are local and foreign individuals and local and foreign multinational commercial, industrial and financial institutions.

Our law firm provides services in many areas of law due to its contemporary and innovative vision. (Criminal, Civil, Administrative, Mediation, etc…) We are expanding our work day by day and strive tirelessly to provide services in every field of law.

Our Vision, Mission and Principles

Corporate Identity

Our law firm offers complete legal services to our clients with its strong corporate identity. As one of the first corporate law firms in Mersin, our lawyers have brought the corporate structure of big cities such as Ankara and Istanbul to Mersin and provided a new understanding in the field of law.

Our firm stands behind its work and transactions and signs a protective retainer agreement for each of our clients without discriminating between individuals or institutions. The protective retainer agreement guarantees that your matter will be meticulously followed to the end and that there will be no surprise results.

Technological Infrastructure

With the developing technology, access to information is getting easier every day. In the past, it used to take time to find the right information among thousands of legal information. It also took a long time to write a petition. However, thanks to developing technologies such as artificial intelligence, both access to information and petition writing times have shortened. For this reason, the good technological infrastructure of the law firm you work with and the use of developing technologies such as artificial intelligence will ensure that the cases are concluded in a shorter time and the most accurate information is presented to the court. Our law firm offers complete legal services with its strong technological infrastructure and artificial intelligence programs. In addition, we update and improve our work every day by being open to innovations.

Affordable Fee

Our office, which aims to provide maximum benefit with affordable fees, provides services to our clients with the most affordable fees with its expert staff consisting of Turkey’s leading and dynamic lawyers. Our office, which offers both high quality and affordable solutions in the field of law, works to meet the needs of our clients in every region of Turkey, and thanks to the collaborations and solution partners it has established, it solves your legal affairs at much more affordable prices

Today, as a reputable law firm serving the legal needs of hundreds of individual and corporate clients, we provide consultancy and advocacy services to our clients in all kinds of legal matters. The experienced lawyers of our law firm work with great dedication to defend the rights of our clients in the best way possible and to ensure that their rights are protected.

Easy Communication and Accessibility

In order to provide the most appropriate services for the needs of our clients, our law firm has developed communication tools that enable direct and easy communication with our lawyers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in emergency cases and during working hours in non-emergency cases. Thus, our clients are informed at every stage of the case and feel as if they are following their cases themselves.

The satisfaction of our clients is always important to us. For this reason, our law firm always prioritizes the needs of our clients, works to be in constant communication with our clients, and facilitates communication by acquiring technological applications.

Thanks to the communication tools we have developed, the flow of information with our clients is never interrupted and they are informed about every stage of the case. In order to provide the best service to our clients, our law firm continues to work by using the most advanced technologies in communication.


The profession of a lawyer exists to defend the rights of the client, and it is one of the most important elements of this profession to convey a clear legal opinion to the client and to convey it transparently, even when the outcome of the case is unfavorable. The Law on Attorneys prohibits a lawyer from guaranteeing the outcome of a case. At this point, it is the lawyer’s responsibility and obligation to convey the possible negative consequences and the stages of the litigation process to the client without delay. Thanks to the developing technology and communication tools, our law office provides a transparent service to our clients by providing continuous information flow about the case process, transactions and developments. If you request a document in the file, such as a payment receipt, the relevant document is immediately shared with you. If it is not legally possible to win the case, you will be informed immediately and legal support will be provided to take legal measures to minimize the loss.


The profession of lawyer is an extremely valuable profession in terms of protecting the freedom to seek rights. In the practice of this profession, the principle of ‘independence’ must be rigorously applied in order to ensure an effective defense. Our law firm adopts the principle of independence as one of the most important elements in its professional activities. Our lawyers are not affiliated to any person or institution. Our lawyers, who do not take orders from any institution or person they are affiliated with, work with an idealistic perspective and provide the highest quality service to our clients.

Broad Legal Knowledge

Our law firm has the largest and most comprehensive legal archive in the Mediterranean region and offers a unique service to our clients with +700 original articles and sample petitions. Our lawyers continuously improve themselves through in-house trainings and expand their areas of expertise.

Thanks to our expert staff and specialization efforts, we are able to provide professional services in many areas of law. Our law firm always aims to provide the highest quality legal solutions to our clients.

Thanks to our ever-growing and expanding client portfolio, the success of our law firm is also increasing. In order to provide the best service to our clients, we continue our work uninterruptedly.

Confidentiality and Professional Secrecy

Our law firm is strongly committed to the principle of ‘confidentiality and secrecy’, one of the most important ethical principles of the legal profession. We apply the principles of confidentiality and secrecy set out by the UN Havana Rules of Advocacy, the EU Rules of Professional Conduct of Lawyers and the Law on Lawyers No. 1136 with great sensitivity. We keep the information and documents belonging to our clients strictly confidential within the scope of professional secrecy and never share them with third parties or organizations. In this way, we ensure that our clients feel completely safe and we meticulously fulfill the legal requirements to protect their rights. We also guarantee this principle with the attorney agreement that we sign and deliver to you.

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