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Our law office will be the right address for people who are looking for a Mersin criminal lawyer. Our lawyers help you in a quality, reliable and experienced manner. In metropolitan cities, there are negative situations as well as positive events. You may need a criminal lawyer due to various situations and events in daily life. Our institution provides services for foreign citizens due to its international service. The number of foreign citizens living in coastal cities such as Mersin is quite high. The high number of foreign citizens in Mersin, Antalya and Muğla cities has brought along certain needs. Our law office acts in line with these needs and provides reliable assistance. You can contact in any language and communicate with our lawyers in a special way. Our lawyers in our office are professionals with the necessary experience.

Criminal lawyer Mersin searches have become one of the general needs in the field of law. Apart from being one of the developed cities, international searches are more common. Our organisation offers elite services for people who are looking for an international criminal lawyer. Our company will help you in cases where you need to communicate in English and other languages. Communication is very important in court proceedings. In order for the client and the lawyer to establish quality contact, they must be able to speak the same language and understand each other. Our lawyers in our law office are people who have developed and trained themselves in language. For this reason, it will be possible to receive practical and quality service.

Criminal Lawyer

The criminal lawyer undertakes the task of protecting people who face crime. Thanks to the defence, both the truth is revealed and the accused person is entitled to his/her rights. Legally, the criminal lawyer is one of the people who have a very important place. Penalties or accusations may be unfounded in some cases, or there may be points that need to be defended even if they are true. The people who undertake the task of criminal lawyer in our law firm will support you at a high level. Not only the citizens of the Republic of Turkey, but also defends the rights of foreign citizens. People who have language problems living in our country and looking for a lawyer can contact us.

Criminal lawyer, cover cases involving less serious offences than heavy criminal case. However, these types of cases are also serious cases that cannot be underestimated. Cases such as fraud, abuse of trust, slander, fabrication of crimes and prostitution are among the types of cases that require a criminal lawyer. Our institution will defend your rights by providing reliable, high quality and professional service.

What are we doing?

Our law firm provides quality criminal lawyer and family law attorney services in Turkey. Due to its international reputation, our law firm also provides services in English. Since our clients are international citizens, our client portfolio is quite wide. We also provide services to various international industrial organisations through our firm. Please contact us for our references or for a free consultation. It is possible to contact our organisation through the communication channels.

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