Commercial Law

Mersin Commercial Law Attorney

Commercial law is the law that regulates legal disputes between organizations doing business. A commercial lawyer is a lawyer who focuses on commercial cases. Our law office also provides consultancy on conflicts between domestic and foreign multinational commercial, industrial and financial institutions. (You can reach the organizations we represent legally on our references page.)

The Necessity of Having a Commercial Law Attorney

Considering the financial risks that commercial companies carry, companies must receive legal support from the date of establishment. This support is crucial for the company’s transactions and for the company’s relations with other companies. Unfortunately, contracts with other companies are not adequately examined, and necessary attention is not taken for disputes that may arise later.

Due to this negligence, companies suffer financial losses. In this sense, it is very important to work with a commercial lawyer who is well-versed in corporate and commercial law legislation to take the necessary precautions.

Obligation to Have a Commercial Attorney in Corporation

According to Article 35 of the Attorneyship Law, having a contracted lawyer in joint stock companies with a capital of more than 250,000 TL is obligatory. Joint stock companies that comply with the conditions are subject to heavy financial fines if they do not employ contracted lawyers.

Is It Obligatory to Have a Lawyer in Limited Companies

It is not obligatory to have a lawyer in limited companies. However, as explained above, we recommend working with a contracted lawyer in limited companies to avoid losing rights. Our Services in the Field of Commercial and Corporate Law are as follows:

  1. Acting as complainant and defendant attorney in cases in the commercial court
  2. Collecting company receivables through execution
  3. Preparation of worker contracts by labor law
  4. To provide solutions to customs disputes arising in the activities of exporting or importing companies
  5. Issuing contracts to foreign and domestic companies
  6. Providing legal opinions on trade, tax and labor legislation for investments to be made in Turkey from abroad.
  7. Establishing companies, performing mergers and acquisitions
  8. Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assembly meeting
  9. Preparation of all contracts, including franchising and distributorship agreements
  10. All commercial disputes, including concordat and bankruptcy cases
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